" I appreciated your enthusiasm with my property and enjoyed and learned from our talks. What made you stand out was you were genuine and did not try to put on any airs. You were coming from your heart and that makes your client feel special. Plus, you knew data and how it factors into the process and went the extra mile for me. You’re a good man."

- Kevin Kassel


"Don is a great Realtor. He does his homework and works hard to make the buy/sell experience great. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Tim Fyffe


"We wandered into a realty office just to see what was available in San Clemente. From the moment Don said hello, he made us feel like we were VIP and was very attentive. He took time to acquaint us with all areas of San Clemente so that we could decide in what area we would want to live. He has continued to work on our behalf as we look at places, hoping that the next place will be our dream home. He has been patient and attentive to our needs. I couldn’t think of a Realtor who was more honest and helpful than Don Hawthorne."

- Linda and Marc Ecker


"Don recently was our Realtor in our first home purchase in San Clemente. He has great communication skills always available for any of our questions and concerns. I will recommend Don’s services to any friends or acquaintances."

- Alan Throckmorton


"Don is a real professional. He didn’t grow up in real estate, so he learned good business practices and protocol in main-stream marketing.  He is service oriented, attentive to detail and focused, without being a pest.  I love real estate people who are not in it as a hobby! "

- Gary Schulte
Owner, Coastal Financial