Mapping the Jobs Recovery and Upcoming Events

The Golden State’s jobs recovery is a complex machine. In Q4 2015, more than half of California’s counties have completed their job recoveries and employment numbers are continuing to grow. In less affluent counties — mainly the far northern and some inland counties — employment is still struggling to make up that last 10% to reach pre-recession levels. Statewide, California’s jobs market is nearly 6% (861,400 jobs) above the pre-recession employment peak as of Q4 2015. It took California almost seven years to regain all jobs lost to the recession. Considering the intervening population increase of 1.2 million working-aged individuals, the employment picture won’t fully recover until around 2019 at today’s recovery pace. The more quickly your local job markets recovers, the sooner you’ll experience a stable and profitable housing market.

Map accurate as of January 2016.

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