Around Town: Home Is Where the Beach Is

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There are endless reasons why living by the beach is ideal. San Clemente has a high concentration of beaches along a two-mile stretch that can compete with some of the best beaches in the state. There are 11 public beaches, that all offer something different. Whether you are a family looking for a long day at the beach or an experienced surfer, everyone is welcome.

Each beach holds its niche in San Clemente and has a certain uniqueness. If you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach with endless amounts of space and a peaceful atmosphere, try North Beach, Linda Lane, Riviera or Calafia beaches. People looking for a more daring day in the waves go to Corto Lane, The Pier or the popular T-Street beach. If you travel to the south end of San Clemente you might get lucky and see pro surfers catching waves at the iconic Trestle beach.

As a San Clemente local I remember teaching my son how to surf and we still share those memories to this day. Taking my son to beach summer camps every year was tradition for our family. Watching him learn how to swim and respect the ocean are moments that will last a lifetime.

Anyone looking to relocate in Southern California can find comfort in this city by the sea. Family-friendly and easy to access, there is something for everyone at the local beaches.

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