Around Town: Live to Eat in SC


When choosing a city to live in, you should look no further than San Clemente. This city prides itself on a laid-back lifestyle with more than just beaches. San Clemente offers a wide variety of restaurants for all walks of life.

This city is perfect if you are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant or a place with classic Mexican favorites. Walking into an iconic American grill is not uncommon, nor is sampling some of the best seafood in Orange County. For those of you with more adventurous taste buds, San Clemente has a wide variety of ethnic restaurants. While traveling through San Clemente’s illustrious downtown, you might catch yourself walking into one of many microbreweries or wine bars.

San Clemente is a town with many different options to fit any budget, and the variety of family-friendly restaurants and local bars are endless. From very casual to extremely elegant, you can find it all in this quaint city. With an ever-growing food scene, restaurant choices are endless and San Clemente is the perfect place to call your hometown.

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