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At Luxre Realty, we are constantly looking for ways to provide our clients with better information, empowering them to make more informed decisions.

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Don Hawthorne

As a resident and business man in
San Clemente for nearly 30 years, I have forged many relationships, both personal and business. I started my family in
San Clemente and have strong community roots in a city that offers so much to its residents and visitors.


Debra Gietter, LuXre Realty, Don Hawthorne, Don, Hawthorne, San Clemente Real Estate, San Clemente, agent, real estate agent
Debra Gietter

Debra takes a fresh approach in dealing with her clients. Her favorite part of being a realtor is “seeing the smiles on my client’s faces, and knowing I’ve done everything possible to make them happy”. As owner and president of LuXre Realty, a top ranking boutique real estate company based in San Clemente, Debra has created a very positive working environment for her agents. Clients feel comfortable immediately when they step into 222 Avenida Del Mar.  

Michael Anthony

With an MBA, Mike takes a unique business minded approach towards real estate.  Because of his high standards, he feels that in order to be a real estate agent there should be more rigorous industry standards and tougher testing requirements. 

“I invest money in my client’s properties in order to get them sold quickly and for the best price.” His strategy has paid off and so has his philanthropy for the Nick Pasquale foundation. To date, $11,000 and climbing.